The Wings of Justice

Dawn of a Reign 2Summary: The ancient Kingdom of Demacia fights the expansion of the growing Empire of Noxus, their colliding forces remaining unaware of who their real foes are. Pulling the strings of their fates, secret organizations and renowned institutions draft the plot of a political disaster.

Rated Mature for language, graphic depictions of violence, and sexual themes.

The following story explores the timeline of the Journal of Justice, the blanks being filled with fictional suggestions, and evolves into the new lore of League of Legends.

Regions other than Demacia and Noxus will be expanded in other sections of Wartales.


Chapter 1: About Demacia

Chapter 2: As They Command

Chapter 3: The Unspoken Threat

Chapter 4: Forbidden Names

Chapter 5: Disembark

Chapter 6: The Sound of Steel

Chapter 7: Beauty from Hell

Chapter 8: The Fall

Chapter 9: Growing Vines

Chapter 10: The Dance of Blades

The Maiden and The Altar

Chapter 11: The Confession

Chapter 12: His Last Will

Chapter 13: Where Men Fail

Chapter 14: The Safest Secret

Chapter 15: The Lost Heir

Chapter 16: The Nostoi

Chapter 17: A Vile Man

Chapter 18: Forged in Dragonfyre

Chapter 19: Weight of The Guard

Chapter 20: The Pact We Made

Watch Closely

Chapter 21: Steel and Blood

Chapter 22: Crown of Feathers

Chapter 23: Draught of Lies

Chapter 24: Ravenborn

Chapter 25: Bridge to The Past

Names of The Drowned

Written from May, 1st to October, 12th 2017.

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